Removing Taurine

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Uninstalling a jailbreak isn't as simple as deleting the app. When you uninstall either Taurine, you need to go in the app and restore parts of the OS to how they were before your device was jailbroken.

This guide is useful for people who want to install regular checkra1n or unc0ver, as it requires that Taurine is removed first, or just people who want to unjailbreak their device.


If you're proceeding to installing Odysseyra1n, you do not need to follow this guide, for Taurine and Odysseyra1n are intercompatible with each other, and can both be used at the same time.


  1. Open the Taurine application
  2. Enable Restore RootFS
  3. Press Jailbreak
    • This may take some time
    • If it fails, try again from the beginning
  4. When finished, tap OK and your device will restart

Taurine should now be uninstalled, leaving you safe to install any other jailbreak.