Package Managers

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After jailbreaking, you may be wondering what a package manager is, and why it's necessary to have one.

What is a package manager?

Package managers are APT frontends, or more simply, an App Store for tweaks. They allow you to browse repositories (sometimes referred to as repos or sources) and download tweaks, apps, and other pieces of software for your jailbroken device. Different jailbreaks come bundled with different package managers by default, but the most popular is Cydia.


SileoOpen in new window is a Package Manager maintained by AmyOpen in new window for iOS 11 and above. Sileo prides itself on its Swift-based design, fast performance, and general QOL improvements, such as proper iPad support.

Sileo is installed by default on Electra, Chimera, Odyssey, Taurine, and Odysseyra1n. Sileo is also downloadable through checkra1n as well as unc0ver on iOS 12.0 and higher.

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Cydia is a package manager that has long been considered the face of jailbreaking, being the package manager of choice for most jailbreaks. SaurikOpen in new window, the original creator of Cydia, has stopped maintaining the project, but in recent years Sam BingnerOpen in new window has updated the software for modern devices and iOS versions.

Cydia is included by default in unc0ver, checkra1n and other older jailbreaks.

Installer 5

Installer, developed by Nullriver Software was among the very first package managers available for iOS, being the package manager of choice during the earlier years of iOS jailbreaking. After the release of iPhone OS 2, the software was broken and Cydia overtook it as the most used package manager.

After many revival attempts over the years, Installer 5 was finally released to the public in 2019 by the AppTapp Team. It features an updated modern design with dozens of customization options available to choose from.

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Zebra is a more recent package manager, providing support for iOS 9 and above. It is open source, and features a much more familar user interface for Cydia users compared to other package managers.

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