Installing TrollStore


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TrollStore is not a jailbreak.

TrollStore is a utility which is able to permanently sign and install any application with almost any entitlement with the help of a CoreTrust bug. The latest releases of TrollStore (specifically 2.0 and later) work through the use of a CoreTrust bug in which code signatures are not correctly verified under certain circumstances.

Installing TrollStore is a process which varies depending on what device and iOS you are running, as a result, different guides are attached below depending on said combination


If your device is on iOS 14.0 beta 1 or earlier, is running iOS 16.7.x (excluding 16.7 RC (20H18)), or is running iOS 17.0.1 or newer, it will never be supported by TrollStore.

FromToarm64 (A8-A11)arm64e (A12-A14/M1-M2)arm64e (A15-A17)
14.0 beta 1 and earlierUnsupported
14.0 beta 214.8.1TrollMisakaTrollHelperOTA
15.015.5 beta 4TrollHelperOTA
15.6 beta 115.6 beta 5TrollHelperOTA
16.7 RC16.7 RCTrollHelperNo Install Method
17.0 beta 117.0 beta 4TrollHelperComing SoonNo Install Method
17.0 beta 517.0TrollHelperNo Install Method
17.0.1 and laterUnsupported