Sideloading Apps

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Required Reading

Semi-untethered jailbreaks require the use of a sideloaded app to jailbreak. Apps sideloaded with a regular Apple ID will expire after 7 days (or 365 days with a Developer Apple ID). After that period, you will no longer be able to open that app to re-jailbreak.


If you are using an iOS 16 beta, you will need to take extra steps beforehand to open sideloaded apps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Privacy & Security and find the Developer Mode entry
  3. Toggle Developer Mode on, then press Reboot
  4. After the device reboots, unlock it, and confirm that you want to enable Developer Mode
  • If you have a passcode enabled, you'll need to enter it.

Sideloading apps

Sideload using Sideloadly


Sideloadly is compatible with iOS 7 and newer.

  1. Open Sideloadly
  2. Plug your iOS device into your computer
    • Make sure your computer is trusted and allowed to view the contents of your device
  3. Drag and drop the .ipa file of your choice into Sideloadly
  4. Enter in your Apple ID
  5. Enter in your password
    • Sideloadly must make a request to it's servers in order to work with free developer accounts. If you are not OK with this, you may use an alternate Apple ID.

Sideload using AltStore


AltServer is only compatible with iOS 12.2 and newer.

  1. Download the latest versions AltServerOpen in new window, iTunesOpen in new window if on Windows, and iCloudOpen in new window if on Windows
  2. Install AltServer for your respective operating system
    • On macOS, open the Mail app and open Mail -> Preferences in the menu bar
    • Click on the General tab, the Manage Plug-ins, check AltPlugin and apply
  3. Connect your iOS Device to your Mac or PC via USB
  4. Click AltStore/AltServer in the Menu Bar/System Tray
  5. Click Install AltStore
    • Follow all onscreen prompts
  6. Open Settings and navigate to General -> Device Management and verify AltStore
  7. Open iTunes (Windows or macOS Mojave or older) or Finder (macOS Catalina or newer) and enable syncing over WiFi
  8. Download your desired IPA file and open it in AltStore on your iOS Device.
    • Make sure your iOS Device and Mac or Windows PC are connected to the same WiFi network

Resigning Apps

Resigning using ReProvision Reborn


ReProvision Reborn is compatible with iOS 9 and newer.

  1. Add the Havoc Repo to your preferred package manager (havoc.appOpen in new window)
  2. Install ReProvison Reborn
  3. Open ReProvision Reborn and follow all onscreen prompts
    • You will be asked to enter your Apple ID. This is only sent to Apple and no one else.

Resigning using AltDaemon


AltDaemon, which utilizes AltStore, is only compatible with iOS 12.2 and newer.

AltDaemon allows AltStore to automatically re-sign these applications, without needing to connect to a computer running AltServer over local network.

  1. Add the Chariz repository to your preferred package manager (repo.chariz.comOpen in new window)
  2. Download and install the "AltDaemon" tweak
  3. Close your package manager
  4. Sign any apps that are about to expire