Recommended Repos

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After installing your jailbreak, you may want to install some repos (repositories). You can use these to install more tweaks on your device. To get you started, here is a list of some recommended options. A lot of these may already be installed on your device!


A default repo in most package managers, BigBoss is one of the largest repos, with thousands of tweaks and modifications to install. It's an essential repo that the majority of jailbreakers rely on.



Chariz is another repo that comes default with many jailbreak installations. It includes a wide variety of tweaks from some well-known developers and is sure to have something you'll find useful.

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Havoc is another repo with over a thousand packages available for download. It offers a wide range of themes and tweaks to install and is certainly an essential for your device.

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SparkDev's repo includes a host of new tweaks which can enhance iOS, with many focusing on the iPhone X, including an impressive always-on OLED experience.

A package that most people will use from SparkDev's repo is SnowBoard, which can theme icons, UI elements, and more.

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