Restoring with blobs using FutureRestore

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If you are on iOS 15, you will need to follow thisOpen in new window guide instead. Note that if you are on iOS 15 and are on an A12+ device, you will not be able to downgrade, as there is currently no jailbreak or exploits which can be used to set nonce on A12+ devices running iOS 15.


  • Blobs saved for the version you want to restore to
  • A jailbroken iDevice
  • A computer with at least 8 gigabytes of available space (not including the ipsw)


Getting Started

  1. Open your package manager on your jailbroken iDevice
  2. Add repo.1conan.comOpen in new window to your sources
  3. Add repo.chariz.comOpen in new window to your sources
    • This will usually already be there on newer jailbreaks
  4. Download and install dimentio
  5. Download and install NewTerm2
  6. If you're on iOS 14.0 or above:
    • Install libkernrw if you're using Taurine
    • Install libkrw if you're using unc0ver
    • checkra1n/odysseyra1n users don't need to install anything extra

Setting nonce

  1. Open your blob in a text editor and search for generatorGeneratorExample

  2. Note down the value inside the <string> field

    • This should be a 0x followed 16 characters which will be a combination of letters and numbers. This is your generator.

NOTE: If there is no generator value, try to remember which jailbreak you were using at the time of saving blobs. If you were using unc0ver, your generator is most likely 0x1111111111111111, and if you were using Chimera/Odyssey/Taurine, your generator is most likely 0xbd34a880be0b53f3

  1. Open NewTerm 2 on your iDevice and type the following command, where [generator] is the value you just grabbed: su root -c 'dimentio [generator]'

  2. When asked for a password, enter your root password

    • By default, this is set to alpine, not your phone's password.
  3. Once the command executes, a lot of text should appear

  4. Near the end of the text, you should see the line Set nonce to [generator]

On Computer

  1. Connect your iDevice to your computer

  2. Make sure that your computer is trusted by your device

    • Optionally, you can create a full backup of your device through iTunes or Finder
  3. Open FutureRestoreGUI on your computer

    • If prompted by Windows Defender or other anti-virus software, allow the program to run - it’s safe
  4. When opening FutureRestoreGUI, you should be greeted by this menu: image

  5. Click the Download FutureRestore button to fetch the latest version of FutureRestore ** Note:** For A14 and WiFi only-iPad users, you will need to click the Settings button and press Futurerestore beta, then click the Download FutureRestore button.

  6. Click the Select Blob File... button and select your blob .shsh2 file

  7. Click the Select Target iPSW File... and select your .ipsw file

  8. Then click the Next button to navigate to the Options menu, make sure Extra Logs is enabled

  9. If you are upgrading or restoring to the same version the device is on, you may enable Preserve Data to keep data, however do not use this when downgrading. Especially when downgrading from 14.5 to a lower version, as that will result in a recovery loop.

  10. Do not enable AP Nonce Collision on any modern devices

  11. Click Next to navigate to the controls menu

  12. Click Start Futurerestore

If you experience any issues during the Process, look in the FutureRestore help page, if you still can't find a solution, ask in the #futurerestore-help channel on the r/jailbreak Discord ServerOpen in new window.