Removing palera1n (Legacy)

For support in English, ask for help on the r/Jailbreak Discord Server.

If you want to remove palera1n, you can use the below commands on a PC/Mac while your device is connected in DFU. To remove the jailbreak, you do not have to restore.


If you are on Linux, you will have to do another step first. Open up a terminal and run these commands:

sudo systemctl stop usbmuxd

sudo usbmuxd -f -p

Then, open a second terminal, and do the following steps with the other terminal window.

  1. Clone the repo with git clone -b legacy --recursive --depth=1 --shallow-submodules && cd palera1n
    • If you've already cloned the repo, just run cd palera1n
  2. Run ./ --restorerootfs <iOS version you're on> --tweaks
    • If you're using Linux, add sudo to the front of the command
    • If you're using semi-tethered palera1n, add the --semi-tethered flag to the end of the command
    • If you're having an issue, add --debug to the end and use those logs to troubleshoot

Your device should boot into iOS, and you can use the device as normal.