Installing palera1n

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If you are not using the semi-tethered flag, this is a tethered jailbreak, which means the device must be booted using a computer every time, otherwise it won't boot at all.

However, this (and the semi-tether as well) can be easily reverted by following Removing palera1n.

If you'd like it to be semi-tethered, add the --semi-tethered argument to the end of the jailbreak command. Keep in mind this will use 5-10GB of storage, so this won't work on 16GB devices.


You must install TipsOpen in new window from the App Store, as the script replaces it with the loader app called Pogo, written by Amy.

palera1n is a work-in-progress script that patches the kernel so you can use tweaks and other stuff.


palera1n only supports A11 and earlier devices running iOS 15.0 - 15.7.1


On A10(X) and A11 devices, you must disable your passcode and will not be able to use your passcode, or other SEP functionality, until you boot into a stock iOS state. SEP functionality includes things such as a passcode, Face ID/Touch ID, and Apple Pay.

On A10(X) devices, this may be able to be resolved in the future via a SEP exploit. On A11 devices, however, there isn't a SEP exploit, so this has no chance of being resolved at this time.

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To revert the jailbreak, use the following guide: