Using JailbreakMe Star

For support in English, ask for help on the r/Jailbreak Discord Server.

JailbreakMe Star is capable of jailbreaking every device on iPhone OS 3.1.2 to iOS 4.0.1 except for the iPad 1st Generation on iPhone OS 3.2.2.

JailbreakMe Star is an untethered jailbreak meaning that it survives a reboot and can cause a permanent bootloop if something goes wrong. If you encounter a bootloop, restore your device via iTunes, Finder (macOS Catalina and newer) or FutureRestore.

Running JailbreakMe Star

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device
  2. Go to the jailbreakme.comOpen in new window website
  3. Slide to the right on "Slide to Jailbreak"

After a couple of minutes, Cydia should be installed on your home screen.

Patching Cydia


Skip these steps if you are on iOS 4 or higher

  1. Open Cydia and select Developer (No Filters)
  2. Wait for data to reload (May take a very long time, ensure device does not go to sleep)
  3. When prompted about essential upgrades, select Complete Upgrade (Again, ensure device does not go to sleep)
  4. Once done, tap Close Cydia (Restart)
  5. After Cydia has restarted, wait for it to reload data and ignore any errors about untrusted server certificates
  6. Go to the sources tab, tap Edit, then Add
  7. Type in, and wait until Close appears in the top righthand corner
  8. Tap on the newly added IPG's Cydia Repo, then tap Tweaks, then find Cydia HTTPatch
  9. Tap Install, then Confirm, then wait until Close appears in the top righthand corner
  10. Cydia will close, and should now be fully patched.

You can now use Cydia to install tweaks, themes and more.