Package Managers

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After jailbreaking, you may be wondering what a package manager is, and why it’s necessary to have one.

What is a package manager?

Package managers are in some ways like an App Store for tweaks. They allow you to browse repositories (sometimes referred to as repos or sources) and download tweaks, apps, and other pieces of software for your jailbroken device. Most jailbreaks come pre-packaged with a package manager called Cydia.


Cydia has been around almost as long as jailbreaking iOS devices has. It’s the package manager that’s typically at the front of every jailbreak, however has since been abandoned by its creator. This package manager is unrecommended due to its outdated design and slow performance.


Sileo is a relatively new Package Manager made by Coolstar. Just like Cydia, it’s used to download and install jailbreak tweaks. Sileo prides itself with its superior performance, modern design, and general QOL improvements.

Sileo is only available using the Electra, Chimera and Odyssey jailbreaks.

Installer 5

Installer is an even older package manager than Sileo, however the newest release features an updated modern design with dozens of customization options available to choose from.

If you don’t like Sileo, but still want a modern design, this is a great choice.



Zebra is the newest of the bunch, and provides a snappier experience on older devices. It’s able to refresh sources far quicker than Cydia, which it takes its design inspiration from. The design may not be as flashy as some of the other managers in this list, but it’s a great alternative for ageing hardware.