Using bootra1n

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If you have a newer device, such as an iPhone XS or newer, you will not be able to use checkra1n. Check the Device Selection page to check if your device is compatible.

bootra1n is a live bootable Linux environment that allows you to quickly run checkra1n on a compatible device.

checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak, meaning it requires a PC to re-apply the exploit after a reboot. Click the link to learn more.

checkra1n is capable of jailbreaking nearly every iOS device on firmwares 12.3 and above.

Once the exploit is installed, you will have the choice of installing a package manager. For this we will be using Cydia. You may already be familiar with Cydia, as it has been the default package manager for over a decade.


If you’re migrating from unc0ver to to checkra1n, you must follow Removing unc0ver before proceeding.

Flashing bootra1n iso to USB or CD

  1. Download and open Rufus
  2. Select the USB Drive or CD/DVD you wish to flash or burn bootra1n to
  3. Click SELECT and select your downloaded iso file
  4. Click START
    • Do not remove your USB Drive or eject your CD/DVD until the process has completed
  5. Once the flashing/burning has completed, reboot your computer
  6. Go into your BIOS settings or boot picker and select your USB Drive or CD/DVD to boot from
    • This is different for every motherboard, laptop, etc… Google how to get to your BIOS settings for your specific device if you do not know how

Your iOS device should reboot. There should now be a checkra1n application on your home screen.

Running checkra1n

  1. Once you have loaded bootra1n, select the boot mode
    • Choose the first option if you do not know which one to pick
  2. Once greeted with the login prompt, login as anon with password voidlinux
  3. After you’ve successfully logged in type sudo checkra1n and press Enter
  4. Click Start and follow all onscreen prompts
  5. You will now be presented with instructions in how to reboot your device into DFU mode, click Start to begin
    • If you have an iPhone or iPad without a Home Button, follow these instructions to enter DFU mode, as the instructions in the checkra1n application are incorrect
    • Follow the instructions until your device reboots to a black screen
  6. Once your device shows the checkra1n Apple Logo, you can quit checkra1n and shutdown by typing sudo shutdown -h now and pressing Enter

Using checkra1n

  1. Open the checkra1n application on your iOS device
  2. Press “Cydia” under the Install section

You should now be jailbroken with Cydia installed on your home screen. You can use Cydia to install tweaks, themes and more.

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