Updating to 12.5.4 (Blobless)

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Required Reading

While iOS firmware version 12.5.4 is unsigned, it's still possible to update to it from a lower firmware version and use Chimera. However, this method will expire on December 21st, 2021.


This method only works if you are on a 64-bit device that is not supported by iOS 13.


You need a pre-existing jailbreak installed to use this method.


  1. Plug your iDevice into your computer and make a backup through iTunes or Finder
  2. Launch your current jailbreak
  3. Open your preferred package manager and add the following repo: https://myxxdev.github.io/
  4. Search and install the MyBloXX package
    • There are multiple version; pick the one corresponding to your current iOS version
  5. Tap Restart Springboard
  6. Your device should now be in supervision mode
    • If it's not, go into MyBloXX settings and enable it manually by tapping "Enable Supervision Spoofing"
  7. Once you're back into iOS, navigate to this webpage and click this link to install the update profileOpen in new window
  8. After installing the profile, 12.5.4 should show up in the Settings app as an update
  9. Restart your device
  10. Open your current jailbreak and enable restoring rootFS
    • This will remove all tweaks and other jailbreak related data
  11. Tap the button to jailbreak your device

Updating to 12.5.4

  1. Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi
  2. Open the Settings application
  3. Tap General -> Software Update
    • Ensure that the version you are updating to is 12.5.4
  4. Download and install the update
  5. Once updated, remove the 12.5.4 update certificate through Settings


If you're having issues with updating, install OTAEnablerOpen in new window and reboot. If you're still having issues continue reading below. If it worked, move on to Chimera.

"iOS is up to date"

  1. Remove any beta profiles installed
  2. Install the OTADisabler tweak and then uninstall it
  3. Restart your device
  • You can also use ldrestart or a userspace reboot

"Unable to check for updates"

  1. Restore rootFS through your jailbreak
  2. Install and open the unc0ver application
  3. Turn off "Disable updates"
  4. Re-jailbreak using unc0ver

It just freezes

Re-enable the OTA daemon using the iCleaner tweak

Credits to dhinakgOpen in new window for discovering this method.