Restoring to 15.6 RC

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Required Reading

In many circumstances, updating to a newer version of iOS can make it harder to jailbreak or introduce more issues while in a jailbroken state.

Luckily, iOS 15.6's first release candidate is still signed, meaning you can restore to it from any other iOS version with the help of iTunes or Finder.


Make sure you disable Find My or you'll need to enter Recovery or DFU before restoring your device.


The 15.6 RC .ipsw file for your device:

Restoring to 15.6 RC

  1. Plug your device into your computer.
  2. On iTunes or Finder, locate your device.
  3. While holding down the Shift (Windows) or Option (Mac) key, click Restore [Device Type].
  4. Locate the .ipsw file you downloaded, and select that .ipsw file.
    • Ensure that the version you are updating to is iOS 15.6 RC (19G69)