palera1n Troubleshooting

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If you're looking for more general troubleshooting steps, you should take a look at Troubleshooting

iPhone 7/8 Home Button does not work after jailbreaking with --semi-tethered

Due to reasons that haven't been figured out yet, using the --semi-tethered option to jailbreak with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 will cause the home button to be non-functional.

At this time, the only way to workaround this issue is to switch to tethered palera1n.

Adding the palera1n repo or does not work

These are repositories that are only intended for use with rootless jailbreaks. Attempting to add these to palera1n (or any other currently available jailbreak) will fail.

Packages from the Procursus repo don't properly work (e.g. killed: 9)

The binaries of these packages need to be resigned by Procursus Team with a newer version of ldid.

There are two workarounds to this issue that you can use until this is done:

  • Resign the binaries using ldid -s (e.g. ldid -s /Applications/
  • Add which is a mirror of the Procursus repository with the binaries resigned

Attempting to use --semi-tethered with a WiFi-only iPad or iPod Touch does not succeed

Add --no-baseband to the end of the command used to jailbreak your device.


Do not do this if the device you are having an issue with is a cellular device

NewTerm does not launch

Add and then install NewTerm3 from there instead.